Next Trip to Alaska

Alaska is often referred to as the last frontier, the last wild place in America. It truly is a remarkable and rugged place to visit, let alone live. It takes a certain kind of person, with a certain sense of adventure and toughness to make it out in the north like that. Now, don’t be mistaken, Alaska has its share of modern conveniences and has everything that everyone is used to.

It’s just that those things are limited to the larger cities and it is such a huge state that everything is so spread apart and seems so remote. It is thirteen times the size of England and is by far the largest state. It is the forty ninth state and was bought for a mere 14 million dollars in the nineteenth century. That works out to about two cents an acre. What a bargain, I am sure that Russia has been kicking itself ever since. Russia used the territory to hunt wild animals and for the fur trade, nearly wiping out the sea otters that are native to the area. It is home to Native Americans and Indian and Eskimo tribes.

The population is pretty scant considering the amount of land the state covers. What sets Alaska apart from every other state in the union is its natural beauty and natural resources. It has been nearly unspoiled by humans and is a vast land of natural riches. The highest mountains on the continent are in Alaska; it has many rivers and lakes and is home to many species of wildlife including bears, moose and elk.

The waters around Alaska are rich with fish and crab and are a necessary part of the countries food supply. Alaska is also rich in natural resources such as timber and oil. But that is best left for debate for someone else, what we care about is its unspoiled and natural beauty for visiting and enjoying. Alaska offers nearly every type of outdoor activity that you could imagine, from fishing and hunting to camping and canoeing. There is such an abundance of nature that narrowing it down could be your biggest problem.

The cities of the south, Juneau in particular are as metropolitan as any city that you would want to visit, and offer the amenities and services that you would need and require. It’s when you start exploring and visiting the smaller towns and villages that you really get a feel for what the state is all about.

Reasons to Go Fishing in Alaska

Going on an Alaska fishing trip requires a considerable amount of not only money, but also time spent planning, especially if this is your first time heading to our last frontier. If you’re in this position, you may be asking yourself, “Is all this time and money worth it for a simple fishing trip? Why shouldn’t I just go to Disney Land instead?” People who have already been to Alaska however, will never have these questions cross their minds. For many of them, the pristine wilderness and plentiful, gigantic fish make for the trip of a lifetime.

Part of what sets Alaska apart from anywhere else in the USA, or the world for that matter, is the sheer amount of pristine, unspoiled wilderness. Even if you base your fishing trip in Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, you can still charter a plane to for a reasonable price to fish in wide open spaces in complete isolation. If the thought of fishing a crystal-clear, braided river filled with running salmon in the shadow of some of the biggest mountain in North America does not make you want to start packing your bags right away, nothing will.

This vast wilderness isn’t just good to look at either. It opens up your vacation to include many other activities besides just fishing. There are ample opportunities to hike, go four wheeling, or even work your fishing trip in with a cruise. So, even if you’re bringing the family or just want some variety in your trip, there are numerous other activities for you to take part it.

Now, lets get to the reason we’re really here, the fish. Alaska is home to many fish highly sought-after by anglers, including bottom-dwelling halibut, running Chinook salmon, and monster rainbow trout. There are also plenty of locations that cater to every fishing style, so whether you want to troll the deeps of the ocean on a charter, bait fish, or do some fly-fishing, Alaska has something for you. On top of this, if you’re going for monster fish, you won’t find your chances any better than in Alaska. The current world record halibut, Chinook salmon, arctic char, and rainbow trout have all been caught in Alaskan waters. The best part of this is you don’t have to be an experienced fisherman to catch these fish. In many circumstances if you book a charter, they’ll provide all the equipment and experience that you need to have the fishing trip of your dreams.